Time Match (Minute) Spinner Game (8+)

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2 player Time Match (Minute) spinner game for students aged 8+

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This game requires a transparent spinner and 36 transparent counters (18 of one colour, and 18 of another colour).
The aim of the game is to be the first player to place 3 counters in a row, column or diagonal.
Players take turns to flick the spinner and place a counter on the board that is equivalent to the time shown on the spinner.
Play continues until one player has placed three counters next to each other, in a row, column or diagonal.

Teacher & Parent Helper Notes:

  1. The more familiar children are with clocks, the faster they learn to tell time.
  2. Keep a digital and an analogue clock in a central area at home or in the classroom.
  3. Make a habit of regularly reading the time to children while pointing at each clock.
  4. Reference different times in the day, eg “It is 12 o’clock, we have lunch at this time”

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