About Edx Education

Over the past 20 years, Edx Education has grown into a major supplier to the international education market, exporting to more than 90 countries. We have an ongoing program of developing innovative products and marketing under the Edx Education brand. We work with leading educators who advise on trends in education and the development of innovative new products. Our education and product development philosophy is Learning Through Play.


Key Developmental Area
Our educational materials are created to serve six specific learning and development areas:


 Gross Motor Skills Focus on large movement through active play helps develop coordination.
Fine Motor Skills Focus on the small movement through active play strengthening small muscle groups and improving hand-eye coordination.
Social and Emotional Development Through play chilren will learn to manage their emotions, work with others and resolve conflict.
Speech and Language Describe, discuss and explore with our range of materials, children will be developing vital oral language skills and the ability to express themselves.
Cognitive Development Purposeful play improves cognitive development stimulating the child's problem solving and thinking ability.
Curiosity Develop children's problem solving ability via their natural curiosity about the world around them