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Translucent Pattern Blocks

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Learning shapes is fun with our edx education® Translucent Pattern Blocks. These sturdy and colourful 2D blocks are a great way for children to identify with different shapes and colours and geometric concepts such as symmetry and area. There are 6 different shapes included in 6 colours. Younger learners will enjoy making 'shape pictures' using the shapes themselves or drawing around them to create interesting shape patterns. Great for counting, sorting, grouping and patterning activities. Their translucent appearance make them ideal for use with a light panel. Supplied with a robust storage container.

Set includes: 245 shapes - 20 yellow hexagons, 30 red trapezoids, 30 orange squares, 45 blue parallelograms, 60 green triangles and 60 tan rhombi.
Size LxWxH: 26cm x 18 cm x 2.8cm
Age: 3yrs
MPN: 22045
Product Code: 72249

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