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Bug Counters

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A safe way to explore creepy crawlies with our edx education® Bug Counters! Your child will enjoy the interesting range of colourful bugs and the tactile rubbery feel of these high quality counters. A great way to develop language and early maths skills such as addition and subtraction.

The bug counters can be used in sorting activities, classifying tasks which aid logic and reasoning, and can be used in messy or small world play.

The counters can be used to discuss colour, texture and appearance which encourages speech development and vocabulary. The counters are particularly useful for children with special needs because of the touchable and flexible material.

Set includes: 72 Bug Counters
Size LxWxH: 12cm x 19cm x 4cm
Age: 3yrs
MPN: 13180
Product Code: 72413

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