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1/2 Litre Bucket Balance

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Our edx education® 1/2 Litre Bucket Balance is a fun and interactive balance scale that allows children to understand and explore the mathematical concepts of weight. Children can fill the clear buckets with different materials such as water, sand, pebbles or feathers to see what is heavier or lighter.

A great visual tool to help children to learn that something can be the same size, such as the buckets, but they can be different weights. The buckets are a good size for small hands to easily pour and measure.

Buckets hold 500ml. The balance scale has a sliding compensator for accurate measuring and balance.

Set includes:1 frame, 2 Buckets hold up to 500ml
Size LxWxH:30.3cm x 15.3 cm x 13.5cm
Product Code:53879

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