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Foam Surround Mirrors Set

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Our edx education® Foam Surround Mirrors are a safe and exciting way for children to investigate early maths and science concepts such as reflection, symmetry and angles. Can they build a tower or a pattern and use the mirror to see it's reflection? What does it look like from a different angle?

They are the perfect size for small hands to hold for observing self-reflection and having fun making silly faces. Encourage emotional development by asking your child to guess what emotion you are conveying when you pull a face.

The mirrors have a 30mm thick foam surround making them safe for younger children too.

Set includes: Yellow, blue and purple surrounds all have plane reflective mirrors, red has a convex, orange has a concave.
Size LxWxH: 25.9cm x 24.6cm x 18.3cm
Age: 18 Months+
MPN: 62626LF
Product Code: 72078

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