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Eco Friendly Tactile Shells

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Our edx education® Eco Friendly Tactile Shells have been specially designed from 100% Fibre Particulate Composite (FPC), an agricultural waste product from rice stems and rice husks, making them environmentally friendly and tactile objects for children to include in imaginative play.

The shells have 6 different textured surfaces and 3 sizes, making them ideal for sensory play. Place the shells into a feely bag and encourage children to reach inside, using their hands to touch the surfaces and describe what they feel.

The seashells are versatile and can be used for mathematical learning such as counting, sorting, matching, comparing, sequencing and patterning, or sensory, messy and imaginative play.

Set includes: 36 tactile sea shells have 6 different textures in 3 sizes
Size LxWxH: 25cm x 15cm x 5cm
Age: 18 Months+
MPN: 15205
Product Code: 75150

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